Our Company

Kelmar is a modern logistics company focused on our customers’ wishes and needs for large capacity and flexibility, as well as for secure storage, handling and transportation of goods. Our team is composed of dedicated, multi-functional and responsible professionals, trained by the best in the business and well aware of the logistics industry needs. With the combination of knowledge and experience, of our team and the companies we work with, we create and implement logistics solutions that add value to our clients’ businesses.

We provide a wide range of logistics services for our clients, which are complementary to each other but can also be selected individually, such as transportation, warehousing, value added logistics, third-party logistics, a call center and more!

One of our main goals is to support the customer’s growth strategy, while building long-lasting business relationships based on trust and consolidating our rock-solid reputation in this industry.

Innovation is our driving force:

Due to years of experience, Kelmar Logistics anticipates market needs, steering your company towards long-term success and growth. With constant innovations in technology, communication and the increasing power of social media, we strive to keep up with new trends and thus provide our customers with full support.

Our Values:

We strive to provide the best possible service in everything we do. Our company is based on exploration of new logistics solutions, which we undertake methodically and with a focus on continuous improvement of our services.

Kelmar Logistics’ objective is to provide high level quality services:

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