Logistics Company As Added value To Your Business

Logistics is the flow of material and information from the supplier, through the manufacturer, to the consumer. It is a service, which enables the company to run smoothly, efficiently transferring goods from production to consumer. Our company therefore allows overcoming space and time at lower costs, creating a greater competitive advantage.

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Quality services; through dedication To Excellence

We love what we do, so we dedicate ourselves fully to it. In the decision to collaborate with a customer, the desire for long-term cooperation always prevails. With this determination, we managed to bring our company to a high level and we are committed to taking it even higher. Our goal is simple: Provide high quality services, build a relationship with the customer based on trust and consistently achieve excellent logistics results. This makes us who we are: Kelmar Logistics.

Warehouse Management

We guarantee complete safety of your products!

Call center

  • Claim / exchange management
  • Info point for your customers
  • Accepting orders / pre-orders
  • Customer support for order completion
  • Achievement of the lowest possible percent of refused/undelivered packages.


We offer good shipping rates and our personal transportation to neighboring countries!

Why Choose Us?


Our warehousing and transport services are known to be the most reliable and safest in Slovenia, while being one of the few companies with such affordable prices. We guarantee our warehouse to be well protected, regularly cleaned and organized.

24x7 Support

24x7 Support

We are always at your service!


Safe & Secure

Our warehouse is protected with an alarm system and video surveillance!

Cost Saving

Low Cost

We offer premium quality services at great prices!