What is fullfilment?

It is the process of receiving and storing inventory, and then picking, packing, and shipping orders to customers.

Fulfillment is an essential business process that includes keeping inventory (warehousing), packing and shipping orders, and processing any returns or exchanges. It starts when a customer orders a product from your website and ends when the customer receives the order. If the customer requests an exchange or refund, the return process is also part of the order fulfillment.

KELMAR fulfillment center is the best logistics for your business. Kelmar Logistics provides first-class services that provide customers with peace of mind in the field of logistics. We strive to ensure that the customer can completely rely on us, so we are always at your disposal.

By choosing our services, you get a partner with whom you will lead your company to top results.

We offer the entire fulfillment process with support; receiving goods, storing and manipulating products, declaring, printing documentation, packaging, dispatch and delivery of the order/package within 24 hours, returns and exchanges, full support, status reports and stock reports and more.



  •  We guarantee complete peace of mind when storing your products!
  •  We can proudly say that we offer high storage capacity and superior care for your goods. The products are stored on iron or wooden racks. We also store pallets.
  •  Our warehouse with more than 1,400 m2 is governed by HACCP regulations. The latter is a complete food safety management system, which includes food safety programs, HACCP and a quality management system, which together form a comprehensive quality control in a given organization.
  •  The warehouse is secured with an alarm system and many security cameras.


  • Once the orders have been arranged and reviewed, we print them. A suitable size box is made for each order. The selected items are then properly protected for the journey, in the case of fragile and sensitive products in the package, only these are additionally protected with bubble wrap. Before shipping, we check the packages several times to ensure that the delivered product is undamaged.
  • Larger shipments or shipments of a larger volume are sent on the Euro pallet, which is also adequately protected.
  • More information on proper packaging and shipping can be found here.


In order for your shipment to arrive safely at its destination, the key is choosing suitable and high-quality packaging. With our many years of experience and knowledge, we will help you to properly prepare your shipments for transport.


The returned goods are managed, checked for content and properly prepared for reshipment.


Supply of transport packaging or personalized packaging. Gift packaging as well as special messages to recipients.